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Organize an event in The Hague Center

A special event location is available in our restaurant for large groups of up to 60 people. Do you want to go with a large group dining out? Check out the options below!

Event in the Great Hall

Our big hall has many functionalities. The capacity is:
– Private dining for up to 40 people– Party up to 80 people including space to dance and with benches and stools to sit

– Lecture for up to 60 people seated with room for presentation
– Private dining for up to 40 people

More intimate event in the small hall

Our small room offers a more personal setting. The capacity is:
– Meeting 20 people seated with space for presentation
– Private dining 20 persons
– Workshop 15 people standing with workspace

rent a large hall in The Hague
rent a small room for workshops or private dining


Features of our event rooms

Everything is possible!

If you are interested in using our location, please feel free to contact us; our details are at the bottom of this page. We can make a tailor-made offer for you that includes all your wishes. Of course we can provide you with advice.

Organizing an event in combination with catering or a delicious dinner? Who would not want that! Our chef will be happy to devise a tailor-made dinner for you. With our sustainable homemade products, a taste sensation is guaranteed. Think of a nicely set table, a slowly cooked hind leg with our home-grown vegetables and preparations, nice wines and your evening can't go wrong.

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