About Ethica

Restaurant Ethica

The ideal

Our concept aims to make our environment more sustainable and thereby create a better future for everyone. Our fixed values ​​are Sustainable, Local and Homemade and that means not only using sustainable products, but also maintaining lasting relationships and sharing our knowledge.

Our restaurant is our means to promote sustainability. We reach a wide audience through our guests and we hope that our story will be passed on. 


Sustainability is the basis of our concept. We stack all our building blocks on that foundation and work towards a better world. We test every decision we make against this basic condition. This applies to the products we use for delicious cooking, the materials we use in the restaurant and also the lasting relationships we maintain with our suppliers, employees and of course our guests.


Our immediate area has so much to offer! 80% of our dishes are vegetable and 20% prepared with animals that are in surplus in the Netherlands. You can think of the Schiphol goose, crayfish, roe deer and wild boar. We have two vegetable gardens where we grow our products and in and around the restaurant are our own fruit trees, herb plants and cultivated vegetables; it doesn't get more local!


We make as much as possible ourselves; such as beer, soft drinks and other drinks. Products such as tempeh, soy sauce, kimchi and fish sauce are also made in the restaurant. As a result, we not only influence the taste, but we also know exactly what the origin of the ingredients is and whether they are sustainably produced.


The name Ethica

The name ETHICA we chose it as a nod to the geographical location in Spinoza's life. At the same time, Spinoza's philosophy, which he described in his book, Ethica in line with the philosophy of our restaurant. Like him, we write our own happiness, seeking our place in the “gastronomic” universe.

“The most important book Spinoza wrote is called Ethica... "

The restaurant Ethica is set in the middle of the life of the philosopher Spinoza in the 17th century. In the immediate vicinity we find the statue of Spinoza, the Spinoza House, the Spinoza Street, the Spinoza Court and the Spinoza Gate. The most important book Spinoza wrote is called Ethica and in that book he describes his philosophy as to the structure of the universe and man's place in it.

Our team

We are Ethica

Robin Collard

Owner of Ethica, Robin Collard. From an early age he has had an uncontrollable urge to know how things work and how to reproduce it. He has found his salvation in the kitchen and especially in the field of making products himself that are normally purchased. Think of beer, soft drinks, cheese, sausage, kimchi, tempeh, miso, soy sauce and many other products.

Josh Meijer

Also owner of Ethica, Joske Meijer. Joske is there Ethica the creative brain behind the look and design. As a teacher of art subjects, this is perfect for her! You will also regularly find her in the kitchen and she likes to tell you about our shared passion of making homemade.